Home Chef Meal Delivery Service Perfect for Families

One of my favorite things about Home Chef is that I can select any combination of meals. I was excited to try two meals: Classic Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo with ciabatta garlic bread and Brasserie-Style Sirloin Steak with truffle frites, green beans, and herb butter..

The Home Chef menu offers more variety and flexibility to customers with new meals every week. Home Chef is perfect for families because the meals are traditional and generous portions -perfect for anyone who is either counting calories, sodium, or fat intake, banting or paleo - they know exactly what they are eating.

The two questions I always get about meal delivery services is if it’s good and is it expensive. Home Chef meals are delicious and everyone in my family enjoyed them. Each serving costs around R50, and you can define your dietary preferences. If you think about going to the grocery store and buying every ingredient or eating out every night, it’s not expensive at all. Plus, you’re serving your family great home cooked meals every night!

Delivery is free when you meet the minimum order or live/work in the Sea Point and Green Point surrounds. Home Chef makes fancy food approachable and inexpensive for your family to enjoy! You get no wasted time and no wasted ingredients!

Home Chef at your service!

Healthy Meal Delivery Services to Have on Your Radar

We offer both standard and vegetarian plans. I don’t like calling myself a chef. We’re not doing anything fancy, just cooking the way people would cook at home if they had the time or inclination.

Eating Disorders - Bulimia

Bulimia is an illness defined by food binges, or recurrent episodes of significant overeating, that are accompanied by a sense of loss of control. The affected person then uses various methods -- such as vomiting or laxative abuse -- to prevent weight gain.

Many, but not all, people with bulimia may also suffer from anorexia nervosa, an eating disorder involving severe, chronic weight loss that proceeds to starvation.

What Causes It?
There are several different theories about what is involved in the development of bulimia. Bulimia may have a hereditary component; in addition, some experts believe that a family environment with an overemphasis on achievement may be another contributing factor. The role of sexual abuse in the development of bulimia is controversial. Other psychological and environmental factors may be involved; these include mood disorders and substance abuse in families of people with bulimia. Individuals with bulimia may also experience depression, self-mutilation, substance abuse, and obsessive-compulsive behavior. Cultural pressures to appear slender contribute to the disorder, particularly among dancers and athletes.

Nutrition therapy is as important as psychotherapy in treating bulimia. The goals of nutrition therapy are to stabilize your blood sugar levels, to make sure you are getting enough nutrients, and to restore your gastrointestinal health. In one study, 55 women with bulimia were assigned at random to either a nutritional management treatment group or a stress management treatment group. Nutritional management included information on the effects of bulimia, techniques to avoid binge eating, and advice about making meals and eating. Women in this group also had their eating diaries analyzed. Stress management included analysis of stressful situations; short-term stress management strategies, such as relaxation, self-encouragement, and self-distraction; and training in planning, problem solving, and communication. Women in the nutritional management group reduced their binge eating faster and were better able to avoid bingeing over the next year.

Some people with eating disorders are deficient in zinc. Variations in levels of zinc can affect taste, smell, appetite, and response to stress. Zinc deficiency may play a role in eating disorders and altered self-image. Taking zinc supplements may help with your treatment. In a recent study of 47 women with bulimia, zinc supplements seemed to reduce their obsession with weight and concern with body image. Your healthcare provider may also recommend a multivitamin with minerals to maintain levels of other important nutrients. B-complex vitamins may reduce stress and depression.
If you have trouble recognizing feelings of hunger, I recommend eating small meals every 3 hours.

Therapeutic massage can be an effective part of a bulimia treatment plan. In one study, adolescent women with bulimia were assigned at random either to receive massage therapy for 5 weeks or to be in a control group (not receiving massage therapy). See the link below for info. on various massage (Thai massage)

The 24 women receiving massage improved immediately, while the control group did not improve. Women in the massage group were less anxious and depressed right after their initial massages. They also had better scores on the Eating Disorder Inventory, which helps providers assess psychological and behavioral traits in eating disorders.

Once you are in recovery from an eating disorder, your nutritional needs are similar to those of someone who has not had an eating disorder. Your body's requirements for calories, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals are based on factors which include your age, height, weight, activity level, and medical and genetic history. If you have had anorexia, the number of calories that your body needs to maintain your weight may be higher for several years after weight restoration. A physician or a registered dietitian familiar with eating (like me) disorders can help you determine your unique caloric needs.

I encourage clients to choose mostly whole instead of refined grains, a serving of nuts and beans daily, and to have 4-5 different colours of fruits and vegetables each day. Unsaturated fats are the best choices, especially olive and canola oils. Lean meats, non-fat or low-fat dairy products, poultry, fish and soy foods are good protein sources.

Below is an example of a healthy food plan for a person requiring 2000 calories per day:

1 whole wheat English muffin with peanut butter

1 glass non-fat milk

1 banana


1 apple

1 (low fat) yoghurt


1 chicken (use chicken breast - no skin) sandwich on whole-wheat bread with fat-free cottage cheese, lettuce and tomato

I serving grapes


4 Pro-Vita or Ryvita crackers with salsa


1 chicken breast stir-fried with 1 cup Chinese vegetables

1 1/2 cups brown rice


1 serving low-fat ice cream, sorbet, brownie or fruit salad

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Home Chef Meal Delivery Service

I was so happy to have a food box delivered to my door a few days ago. No more heading out to the grocery store to grab ingredients for supper.
meal delivery service
Services aimed at:
  • Single individuals: One of the primary customers towards which this service by Personal Chef  is aimed at, are the single individual who are busy with their work life that they don’t get enough time to take care of their health through healthy food. 
  • Travelling Couples: This is an ideal service for travelling couples who wants to have a relaxed dinner after a long and tiring day. This service delivers food to the respected house of delivery. This service has many advantages for the couples as the need for shopping reduces for the purchase of groceries.
  • Family favorites: This is a perfect option for a quality family time as they can order the food of their preference and will be delivered in the traditional way it is meant to be served. The food delivered from Personal Chef is ready to eat and is not frozen thereby maintaining the right taste. The offer can be customized according to the need of the family tastes and the chefs provide side dishes which compliments the main course dinners. 
  • Lunch and Dinner: The ‘Personal Chef   Lunch and Dinner option is entirely for the people opting for both lunch and dinner. This option features a menu of 5 single serving lunches and 5 single serving dinners from the list of the most popular items of the week. The chefs provide with some of the best cuisines that is there in the food industry with the traditional taste and flavor.
  • Dinner: this is perfect for those who need only dinner just to get a change in the routine. This option gives the users the choice of 5 individually packed dinners which is taken from the package of couples on the go.
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In Loving Memory of John Surmon

Who was John Surmon? John Surmon was born in 1941 and retired as a Mechanical design engineer and spent the past 10 years or so repairing and restoring British 'bikes (classics).

Quote: DON QUIXOTE: John Surmon's Triumph was the fastest of the Britbikes; you can see how he got his nickname.

He started Racing in 1957

The Classics produced a mix of rider and machine with 61-year-old John Surmon of Cape Town, on a 1969 Triumph Bonneville, plus a selection of other Triumphs, older Ducatis, BSA, Norton Commando, Moto Guzzi, BMW and not-so-old Suzukis and Yamahas contesting the Clubman class (bikes older than 15 years). This produced nail-biting moments between Kaya Mayekiso and Dick Holder out front. It was the case in the Battle of The Twins (B class) where the Classics led to close tussles between Hiles (BMW), Jones (Ducati Pantah) and Quinn (Moto Guzzi). - Dispatch Online, 2 Sept 2002

The Classics produced a mix of rider and machine with 61-year-old John Surmon of Cape Town, on a 1969 Triumph Bonneville, plus a selection of other Triumphs, older Ducatis, BSA, Norton Commando, Moto Guzzi, BMW and not-so-old Suzukis and Yamahas contesting the Clubman class (bikes older than 15 years). This produced nail-biting moments between Kaya Mayekiso and Dick Holder out front. It was the case in the Battle of The Twins (B class) where the Classics led to close tussles between Hiles (BMW), Jones (Ducati Pantah) and Quinn (Moto Guzzi). The Argus, 13 Sept 2003
Brief Race History:Started scrambles and grasstrack, moved on to speedway (Rode in U.K. for Long Eaton Archers 1966 ) Roadracing in 250, 350, and open class. Did some dragracing and also flattrack racing up on the reef. Came to Capetown and raced 50's on the short circuit for a couple of years. Started racing classics a few years ago. Won the pre-76 class last year and finished 2nd in the Classic championship.
Best Race Finish: 1st in pre-76 Classics for 2002
Best Championship Position: 2nd in Classics Championship 2002
Race bike: Triumph Bonneville Special 650
Bike History: Built up from the bits and pieces lying around in my workshop.

At one stage he was looking for sponsorship and this is he reason why (at the time):
I would like to have a go on a modern 400, just to see if I could be competitive in this class! Someone like Salusa 45 might be interested in giving me financial assistance!

Rael and I will never forget you John. We shared many special moments, arguments, tears and parties. You made my 40th birthday extra special by giving me my first bikers jacket with as 1 year younger than I. That took a lot of thought and kindness and I'll never forget that.

Don't worry Moppet is being well looked after. You know what she's like - she probably thinks that Scotty has beamed her up to another planet. Here're some pics taken on at one of Raels birthday parties. You don't seem too impressed in the one where Rael is kissing you on the cheek.

Love you.....